Building energy management systems (or BEMS) provide monitoring, alarms, and the ability for a building manager to enhance a buildings energy performance.  Additionally, an effective BEMS installation enables optimal building performance by extending the operational life of equipment through reducing demand, thus hours of operation.  Whether you have one site or 1,000 sites, we cater to all clients of varying size footprints.



When a company has multiple sites, they want an energy management program that succeeds in reducing every site’s energy use. Buying capital equipment is a first step. The second, just as important step, is to ensure that the equipment is properly installed:

  • at a reasonable price

  • with minimum inconvenience to the sites

  • in a timely manner

  • achieves the energy savings promised

  • and documented to enable application for government rebates

SEDAC EM can provide turnkey service with installation included that provides both skilled technicians and value pricing. SEDAC EM is able to set up from the beginning processes, documentation, training classes and reporting requirements that keep the installation teams on track and responsible for their performance. Client management then receives timely updates on the progress of the overall implementation.


Government rebates require careful documentation of installation timelines and metering data. SEDAC EM is able to compile this data and ensure that the rebates are applied for in a way that gives clients the most chances of success.


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